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zayed Ibn Ibrahim

Professional WordPress and Web Developer.
  • HTML5
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Zayed here, I'm a professional WordPress Developer as well as a web programmer and website maintenance expert.Over the last 2 years.I have worked on many projects to develop my skills.I am capable of customizing WordPress websites at any level to build a stable, responsive and high quality website.

Here are the services I offer:
# WordPress Theme Customizing.
# WordPress Plugins installation.
# WordPress website design, redesign, and development.
# Woocommerce.
# Create Landing page.
# Shopify Drop-shipping Site Creation and Management.
# Building a Responsive website from scratch.
# WordPress admin task and bug fixing & all kind of management.
# PSD to HTML.
# PSD to WordPress.
# Website transfer or move to another server.
# Web hosting.

I have the best skill of,
* HTML5.
* CSS3.
* JavaScript.
* jQuery.
* Bootstrap.
* UIkit.
* currently i am also working on PHP.

You just provide the project details and then all the headache will be mine, you will be pain free. Want a prove? so, give me a test job ! Every job will be done honesty and efficiently thought i can prove my promise.

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