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Hello, I am moinul hasan. I’m a digital marketer who develops and implements digital marketing strategy daily. I have gained my experience within a diverse range of software companies - Product and Services. I specialize in delivering the strategy, planning, and execution of integrated marketing campaigns. As a digital marketer, I've worked with a variety of businesses ranging from small tech startups companies.

My areas of expertise include:

- Marketing Planning and Strategy
- Campaign Planning and Implementation
- Facebook Ad Campaign Setup and Management
- Adwords Campaign Setup and Management
- Keyword Research

Others Areas of Expertise Include:

- Logo design
- Word Press website development
- Content uploading
- Website Design & Making

Why should you hire me?

I'm looking to transform your businesses. I want to make choosing me the best decision you made this year. That's what excites me. I do that through trust, communication and hard work. Value at the end of the day is what you want from me. And I'm focused on delivering that for you.

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