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Hosna Ara

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Hosna Ara Jitu
B.Sc & M.Sc in Food and Nutrition – DU
Master in Public Health – NUB
Consultant: Dietician 
M R Khan Shishu Hospital & ICH, Bangladesh
Driven by the concept of wellness and preventive healthcare, Hosna Ara (Jitu) is promoted a online support program for Patients health care. Hosna Ara Jitu completed her graduation & post graduation degree from Home Economics College under University of Dhaka; in the subject of Food & Nutrition. She also completed Masters in Public Health degree from Northern University of Bangladesh. She is also an honorable founding member (Treasurer) of Bangladesh Association of Nutritionist & Dietitians.
As a Dietitian she worked with National Institute of Cancer Research & Hospital (NICRH), Mohakhali, Dhaka, Ad-din Medical College and Hospital, Mogh Bazar, Dhaka. She also worked as a lecturer in Fatema Nursing Institute at Mogh Bazar .She trained many nurses group on nutrition of different renowned institutions in Bangladesh. Presently working as a Dietitians of M R Khan Shishu Hospital & Institute of Child Health Dhaka. As a dedicated dietitian in her whole career, she works in a charitable hospital for the betterment of the deprived people of Bangladesh.She also writes on nutrition and health related topics in an online portal, is working as a moderator and deliver cost free advice on nutrition related issues in a public group (better food better nutrition).She is providing service in different chambers based on Dhaka city.
 As she possesses professional & expert work experience, she writes in her own websites wants to establish ‘Nutrition Point Bangladesh’ in order to provide best nutrition service to women & children.

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