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Farjana Akter Shimo

Internet Research || Data Entry
  • Data Entry
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  • Database Administration
  • Lead Generation
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I have over 4 years of experiences in Accounting, Market Research, Internet Research, Web Research, Email List Building.

My aim is to be one of the dependable Freelancer that provides excellent quality of work. I have completed over 175 jobs with good feedback. I am seeking part-time or full-time online accounting, data entry and admin support related jobs with flexible working hours. I'm highly motivated. I learn fast and I work hard. I'm willing to be trained.

I have managed many databases so far. I worked as an accountant of a company for a long term basis contract. I had a lot of long term projects and each and every project was amazing. I can build any kind of business email list for your company. All emails would be 100% verified. I can do marketing for your company also.

I always want to be a great part of an organization where I can show my skills and grow. I am looking for a career not just a simple job, something that would satisfy my career goal.


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