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Faiza Akram Osmani

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As a nutritionist, I want to teach and inform the public and health professionals about diet and nutrition. My aim is to promote good health and prevent disease in individuals and communities. My dream & goal is to educate individuals and the public on food choices that will optimize health and prevent disease. Apply nutrition principles to health promotion and the prevention of diet-related disease conditions. Natural health is not just a means of income for me - I genuinely wish to learn and spread the natural news to all who want to take charge of their health! My favorite topics pertain to neuroscience, natural beauty/cosmetics, diet and nutrition, as well as anything else that will help to improve the quality of people's lives in a wholesome manner. With my background in health and wellness, I have developed a specialty in the health/medicine/nutrition/fitness sector. Due to my experience in working with children, I also love writing for and about kids. I additionally am a qualified and professional content writer. My guarantee is A level work that is delivered on time.

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