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Nahid Hasan Sagar

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As-salaamualaykum. This is Sagar. I am a student of Physics at the University of Dhaka. I am now in final year at the University.

I am good at copy typing, content writing, research writing, video edition etc. I have a great experience in teaching Mathematics and Physics. I did so many tuition since I first admitted to the University in 2016. My writing skills are pretty good. I can write in Microsoft word, LaTeX and many other software. As I am a Physics student writing equations is one of my specialty. I do video editing from my hobbies but now I am quite good at this.

I also have some great skills about marketing. I know how to talk with people and how to convince them in any matter. You can say it is my one of specialty. So that is why I always know how to do people's work perfectly. It is natural to me that I am kind of always know that if I do this work this way they are gonna love it.

So this is me. Thank you.

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