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MD Rizaur

Web Developer & Wordpress Guru
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Dear Hiring Manager,
I am a professional web designer & developer since 2013. I have good working experience locally & many others outsourcing portals.

Services That Can Be Provided
# Design Your Website in responsibly.
# Convert Your PSD Template Into Web Format (via HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery & so on)
# Redesign Your Existing Website
# Convert Your HTML Pages Into WordPress (WordPress theme)
# Fixing Your Website's Bug
# Customization Template / Customization WordPress Theme
# WordPress Custom Plugins
# WordPress Modification Or Fix Plugins Error
# Joomla Custom Template
# Joomla Customization Existing Template
# Maintenance Joomla Web Sites
# Shopify Theme Customization
# Magento Theme Customization
# PHP Script Expert
# PHP Script Fix / Modification
# Website Maintenance Service / Transfer / Migrating Website Services
# WordPress Security Expert
# Design PSD Template or Modifying Given PSD Template
# Good Experience Making Business Card & Textual Logo
# Web Consulting (free)

If you looking for professional web designer or WordPress developer, I can assure you I will do best performance for you.

I Promise to be a honest & responsible employee with your 100% satisfactory.

Sincerely Yours

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