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Md Rizwanur Rahman

Social Media Marketing Manager & Customer Service Manager
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I am Your Go To Digital Marketing & Customer Service Guy.

An experienced Customer Service professional with more than 9 years in Customer Service Industry as well as in Telecom Sector. Having versatile exposure in various Customer Care Operations,Call center solutions.

Also have sound knowledge of Business Development process and more than over 4 years Digital marketing experienced.


Thank you for stopping by.

I consider myself as a full scale Customer Service Manager and digital marketer. That includes everything the best Customer Service, Research Customer experience, Customer efficiency and digital from Social Media Marketing to playing with conversion rates or Facebook ads.

Also If you need emerging content writing and/or article writing then you have a solution to contact me.

In my personal life, I finished my MBA from SouthEast University in Dhaka, Bangladesh and completed Training in Digital Marketing Strategy and have proven track in this regards. Good Work ethics of Digital Marketer for work both International & Local Client. Event organized experience for Film promotion with Star Cast.”

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