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Jalal Uddin

Web Developer
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I'm a highly motivated IT professional with sincerity and competencies in Web-research, Web Programming. To utilize my technical skills for achieving the target and developing the best performance. I would like to implement my innovative ideas, skills, hard work and creativity for accomplishing the projects. I believe in the quality of work Because Here the business only based on faith without checking provider and contractors actual background. So I would like to make this business fair and better, where a provider can earn a long time and will get good quality/ Quantity products faster.

Currently Working in a digital marketing firm as a Senior web developer & Analyst.

Skills I have :

- HTML , CSS , JS (jQuery) , HTML5, CSS3, Vue.js.
- CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation), SASS
- PHP Developer (Laravel, Codeigniter)
- Python Developer(Django)
- Graphic Design (Photoshop & Illustrator)
- Digital Marketing (On page and Off page SEO Optimization, SMM)

Hire me !!

- Quality Check & Testing
- Documentation and Suggestions for work
- Support and Maintenance of quick turnaround time.
- Discounted price for long term

Communication skill is the field I always keep on the check.

Thank you so much for your time.

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