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Shibatus Bhattacharjee

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Hello, I am Shibatus Bhattacharjee, and I am doing professional article writing for the past six years. To be precise, writing is my passion; in other words. Meanwhile, I will love to create a well crafted and original content for your blogs or websites.

Specialty of writing
1. Search engine optimized.
2. Persuasive introduction to making a great first impression in front of the visitors.
3. will write the content by following the latest google guidelines to avoid penalties.
4. will write engaging content by analyzing the interest of the particular audience.
5. At least one or two infographics with every article to enhance attractiveness.
6. Data table to increase the credibility of the material.
7. Add references to increase the authority of the item.
8. Write some tremendous conclusive words to end the discussion on a high.

Please visit one of my blogs to get an idea about my writing:

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