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Md Yeasin Arafat

Web Developer - PHP MySQL JavaScript NodeJs VueJs ReactJs
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My skills are PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJs, Vuejs, ReactJs, Nodejs, Express, Flutter, Java, Kotlin, Android Application Development, Laravel, Codeigniter, Wordpress, Js tools like npm, yarn, babel, webpack. Git frameworks e.g mocha, chai, jasmine, OAuth, Jwt. I started working on Web Development sector since 2008. I am a student of Chittagong University, Bangladesh. My Subject was Computer Science and Engineering(C.S.E).

I am feel excited waiting an answer from you.

I am experienced in PHP, MySQL Database, JavaScript(jQuery,React,Vue.js), PHP-OOP, PHP web services API(JSON, REST, XML), PHP framework(Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePhp, Yii), WordPress plugin development, Wordpress theme customization, PHP DOM Crawler/Scrapping, Google PHP Api(Drive, Spreadsheet, Gmail, DBM and others...), Facebook PHP API, JIRA PHP API, Atlassian PHP API, Slack PHP API, Helpscout PHP API, PHP Messenger, SPA page, Linux server shell commands.

I have so much experience in working with core PHP. I worked with so many Local Projects, International Projects (Including small and big) with different clients.
I have experience working as contract, hourly and monthly salary based.

When working on a new project, i like to speak with my clients so that i can have a clear understanding of their needs and vision of the project. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you soon.

Best wishes, Yeasin Arafat(UTC+6:00). Do not worry about my timezone I can be in touch whatever you want.

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