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Nayeem Arefin

Hypnotic writer | Researcher | English Coach
  • Internet Research
  • Content Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Voiceover


You can hire me if you need to:

1. persuade your customers using writing, and have articles or business reports or e-mails typed very fast with no mistakes in English. I can infuse moods and feelings into my writing that convinces people.

2. conduct descriptive exploratory or quantitative research in real-life or on the web. I have proven experience in descriptive exploratory research and presenting raw research data into marketable forms for the audience. Also, I have a highly-graded English language listener (IELTS Listening - 8.0, Aptis B2 - C)

3. improve your Business English or improve the quality of your written and spoken English for your business or profession. I offer editing, transcribing, marketing e-mail crafting, blog or article writing, grant proposal writing services.

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