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Md Nur Alam

Social Media Marketer | Virtual Assistance | WordPress
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I am a highly successful Social Media Manager and content generator for a variety of companies and individuals. I am experienced in Social Media Marketing and Management (SMM), WordPress, and web research. An expert in Microsoft Office applications, especially Word and Excel. Put my knowledge and expertise to work for you.

I am skilled in a variety of strategies to boost the social media page rank, viewership, and traffic to the website. I know how to navigate the precarious line between being active/inviting on social media and being spam/ off-putting.

Areas of Specialty :

★ Facebook Marketing
★ Social media setup & management
★ Sales copy and lead magnet design
★ Email marketing and newsletters
★ Blog management
★ Data entry, analysis & reporting
★ Virtual Assistance for Multitasking work
★ WordPress Installation & Full setup
★ Landing page creation
★ Social Media Posting

I hope you consider me when looking to hire a professional!

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