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Abdul Monnaf

Data Entry Expert
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  • Data Entry
  • Copy Typing
  • Writing
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I am a writer and data entry expert, adequate in data entry and order supporting with an immense ability in quick typing with 65 wpm (word per minute) with zero errors. I am efficient enough in
1. MS Office
3. Account Records Management
4. Admin work
5. Story Writing
6. Copy Writing
7. Convert file from PDF to Work-Excel
8. Retype scanned file

Have software experience in
1. Excel
2. MS Word files
3. PowerPoint
4. Photoshop

Again, I have an addiction of keeping customers and clients satisfied. I have 3 year experience in those field. I always seek for new experiences.
Also, I have proficiency in handling complex situations.

Thanks for taking a glance at my profile.

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