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Meherjan Islam

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Firstly I would like to introduce myself as a beginner in this large freelancing site. I am a veterinarian. But here I joined for starting my other career in typing or writing what you say.

I wrote from very earlier in my flourishing stage. I liked to write on Facebook. From there, I was selected as a campus correspondent on behalf of an online news portal regarding veterinary works, campus works, or any organizational activities. I wrote on these in both English and Bengali. I had to run several pages on Facebook as an editor or admin, as I worked in different voluntary organizations. From then, my writing skill had been developed.

I attracted my University teachers with my writing capability. They started hiring me, to write for them. On this opportunity, I experienced covering many international projects. I had to write the news or article in English first, then I had to translate it in Bengali. You know, it is a tough job. Huge patience was required for these. Alhamdulillah! I did not regret my jobs. I continued to work. I typed in English, in Bengali. I translated from English to Bengali, as well as Bengali to English.

Then I had tutored many students in my study life. I think I had achieved lots of experience regarding my academy as well as my students' academy. I think I can use this qualification for my clients also.

As I passed in my huge patience test, my teacher chose me for the data entry work of the different projects. I had got that experience too.

I thought that, as it is a demandable skill, I should not keep myself away from work. People may need me for their writings. It will be approximately 5 years' experience in this writing job. Recently I had done my internship and got enough free time. I thought it is the best time for me to start my new career. Through these skills, I think I could help people.

Thank you so much!

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