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Eti Roy

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25+ years experience in Social Media Management, Marketing, PR, Market Research, SEO, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram advertising, Google Adwords, general digital advertising, link building, content writing and blogs, website design and management. I started with Facebook before it became popular. I was apart of "The Facebook" and doing their beta testing, so I guess that shows my age!

I have successfully helped many businesses of all sizes grow and succeed.

Certified in Hootsuite, and Hubspot and other online services and programs.

Knowledge of all social media platforms, trends and resources. I have managed over 150 accounts at one time, so there is nothing I can't handle!

I use all the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr) I also do daily outreach that helps with activity, engagement and increases likes and followers. When it comes to posts, I create the content. I post curated content and also promote your company. My background is very diverse so I've worn many hats in various fields.

Experience in thousands of different industries including IT, Sales, Fashion, Real Estate, CPA, Finance, Weddings, Travel, Restaurants, Health & Wellness, Hotels, All Services, Products, Pest Control, Lawyers, Attorney's, Law, Transportation, Fitness, Landscaping
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