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Abdullah Al Nobel

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Assalamualikum, My name is Abdullah Al Nobel. I am probably known as Nobel.

I love to explore and learn new things, I believe that learning comes from inner side. I am a quick self learner. since my days of school I have been teaching my self different skills that otherwise would be impossible for my teachers. As I am a student of business background I started to know abut Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and for that I have done a lot of research, training and workshops.

I love teaching as much as learning. The motto of my teaching is to teach student how to learn. So that, they don't need a teacher to answer their question every time.

I have done training on 21st century skill development course, Career Planning seminar and workshops, Career development summit, two leadership training, online courses and workshops. and many other relevant topic.

I love to travel, meet and communicate with new people and explore new places.

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