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Anik Chowdhury

Make design simple but significant
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Hi there!
I am Anik Chowdhury. I am a Creative Graphic Designer. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are my primary tools. I use these tools for making different kinds of designs. I have completed my intern in a reputed design company. The name of the company is “SPADE DIGITAL”. In my design company, I have completed 25+ project.

Basically, my work is based on print medium, web and social media marketing. For print medium, I design business cards, flyers, various type of brochures, CVs, official documents, tri-folds, letterheads, product packaging, posters, banners and so on. For the web, I design banners, templates, UI and UX for websites and apps, social media ad posts and so on. But my job is not limited to these little things only. I am always eager to working innovative and challenging items.

My greatest asset is Creativity. I consider a design is useful only when it can add some value to the businesses of my clients. Design for me is more than just a job, it’s my world outlook.

I can ensure you that by hiring me you will be benefited.
Thank you so much for reading my profile.
Have a great day!

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