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Md Omar Faruque

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Any type of work requiring typing, such as data entry, proofreading. translation, transliteration, article writing, hard copy to soft copy conversion, etc; you can hire me to finish the job in due time and free of errors. I am a medical graduate and have an English medium schooling background, hence I have quite a good understanding of the English language. My current typing speed is 40 WPM. As for Bangla Typing, I use the phonetic layout in Avro Keyboard, so didn't need to learn Bangla specific keyboard layout. As it is the phonetic layout that I use and since I have a decent typing speed in English, the Bangla typing speed is decent also. But I haven't had the opportunity to type any Bangla document professionally yet. Almost all of my work is in English.
Anyway, I'm new here and hoping to get some typing projects soon so that my work may speak for itself.

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