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Kollol Arif

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Md Ariful Islam

Publication Support and Consultancy
  • Content Writing
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Scientific Research
  • Medical Writing
  • Project Management


Key Competencies:

 Emergency health & Nutrition Operation:
• WASH in emergencies
• Waste Management including fecal sludge Management.
• Family Planning in emergencies.
• Community based Management of acute Malnutrition (CMAM)
• Infant and Young child feeding in emergencies (IYCF-e)
• Emergency program design & proposal development.
• Implementation of WAYCS model.
 ISCG involvement :
o Member of WASH sector.
o Member of GBV sub sector & MHPSS sub sector.
o Member of CMAM technical working group
o Member of IYCF technical working group
o Member of Health –Nutrition Integration Task force.
o Member of AWD (Acute watery Diarrhea) working group.
 Program Intervention & Model implementation.

• Waste Management including FSM
• Target Approach Project (Health &Family Planning )
• Health, Nutrition &WASH Project
• PD Hearth Model
• 7-11 Approach
• WASH and Arsenic Mitigation
• HIV/AIDS(Drug Users) project
• Citizen Voice and action
• School based WASH program
• CLTS (Community led total Sanitation.
• Universal Health Coverage.
• SBCC materials design and development.
• Program operation Manual development.
• 1000 Days.
• Facilities Mapping

 Research, Designing, Monitoring and Evaluation skills :

• Adolescent Reproductive Health
• Zoonotic Diseases.
• Family Planning & Reproductive health.
• Zinc scaling in nutrition intervention and diarrhea management.
• Child health
• Menstrual Hygiene Management

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