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Mohammad Suman Haque

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I am confidence, energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated ,honest,disciplined which make me perfect choice for a employers to make a bondship with me for his organizational development.From my childhood i was very inquisitive .When i watched something i tried to know every ins and out of that matter which i think make me more knowledgeable person than surrounding. You dont think that this is a show off.If you talk with me then i think you can realize that.Ok,Let it drop and i tell you about my student life.At the period of my study i took part in so many kind of extra curricular activity's and won so many prizes which i kept in my personal wardrobe. I am good at playing outdoor games like cricket,football,hockey and indoor games like chess,table tennis,ludoo,cards. I am also good at reciting poems. I also write so many poem which was published in our local newspaper and my college and university magagine.I was a active member of "BADHON"(a blood donator organization) when i studied at Dhaka university, even ,today i collect blood for my colleague and friend in emergency though i have no active membership of that organization as i am very much busy with my job now a days.Now i mention some of my professional skills.When i was a college student i was very much interested in computer which lead me to become a computer specialist in so many arena related to computer. At that time i learned Microsoft word,Excel,Adobe Photoshop,Powerpoint,Internet Browsing,Visual Basic which help me in development of my banking career in enormous way.When i worked at statement related department which had to send Bangladesh Bank for monitoring our activity as we are compliance or not, we had to collect data from every branch(approximately 110) and compiled them to make a concise and complete statement.This task was so much time consuming and required great effort to complete. But i am able to make it effortless and save time by using some simple law of Excel.I am also good at typing and able to solve simple IT related problem.As a Banker we have use internet (now web version) and there so many problem arose everyday and i am able to solve simple problem without phoning our IT department.As i am good at powerpoint many of my colleague's took help from me to prepare there projection display related work.This make me popular me among my colleagues. I have also a good quality that is i can make rapport with unknown people easily and able to continue long relationship with client. Which i think make me more employable employee for prospective employers.Here i forget to mention that i got 6.5 (average) in ielts examination in 2015 December which i think will help me to communicated with people around any parts of the world easily as English is an international language . I think i am able to work any parts of the world and also i would like to mention here that i am able to meet any deadline no matter how complicated the task is. My former boss was so much pleased with me for this quality. I never give up i try to solve any problem in many possible ways and find a suitable solution and i think in my entire career i never handover any single job to others without solving though i mention here that sometimes I took help and advice from other but i never give up. I can recite here one example from my job when i worked in loan disburse department and at that time a syndication loan of huge amount was hand over to me for take decision for disburse by our higher management.

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