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Siful Islam

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Md Siful Islam

I am Network Engineer
  • Cisco
  • Technical Support
  • Database Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Data Entry



1. Maintaining and administering computer networks and related computing environments including
2. systems software, applications software, hardware, and configurations.
3. Performing disaster recovery operations and data backups when required.
4. Protecting data, software, and hardware by coordinating, planning and implementing network security
5. Troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving hardware, software, and other network and system problems.
6. Replacing faulty network hardware components when required.
Maintaining, configuring, and monitoring virus protection software and email applications.
7. Monitoring network performance to determine if adjustments need to be made.
8. Conferring with network users about solving existing system problems.
9. Operating master consoles to monitor the performance of networks and computer systems.
Coordinating computer network access and use.
10. Designing, configuring and testing networking software, computer hardware, and operating system software.

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