Escalating Dispute

If a resolution cannot be reached in negotiation you can choose to escalate the case to arbitration. This will let our arbitration team look at evidence provided and decide how the funds should be paid.

Arbitration costs 5% of the disputed balance with a minimum of $25. This fee will come out of the SafePay balance.

To escalate to arbitration:

  1. Click “View Dispute” next to the appropriate invoice in the “Invoices” section of your dashboard.
  2. Click “Escalate to Arbitration”.

The respondent will have two business days to provide any addition evidence or comments before the case will be sent to our arbitrators.

Evidence to provide:

  1. Any additional agreements both parties accepted.
  2. Files or instructions you sent.
  3. Screenshots of any discussion that pertains to your case.
  4. Completed work with notes about why it did not meet your requirements.

NOTE: Only screenshots will be accepted of communication. Text pasted into a text document will not be accepted.

Once a ruling has been reached it will be posted to and the funds will be disseminated according to the ruling provided by the arbitrators. You will receive an email with the distribution of funds and a link to view the ruling.

To see your arbitration ruling:

  1. Click “Pay” in your navigation bar.
  2. Find the disputed invoice.
  3. Click “View Ruling” in the payment status column.

NOTE: Pursuant to Section 6(B)(2) of the Terms of Service, the arbitrators’ decision is final, binding and cannot be appealed.