ID Verification

Our goal is to provide a safe and fair marketplace for every user. To help us achieve this goal, we routinely reach out and request that a user complete our ID Verification process.

The ID Verification process takes place in two parts.

  1. Submit the required information (that’s your part).
  2. OMJ will review your uploaded items to verify your identity (that’s our part).

Our responsibility to protect the privacy of our user’s information is not something we take lightly. We will not post any of your information publicly or share it with any other company. We use industry leading encryption to safeguard the information you share with us, so that you can verify your account with confidence.

Part 1: Submitting your Information

If we request that you complete ID Verification you will see an alert on your Dashboard with a blue button that says, “Get Started.” If you would like to submit your information preemptively you can find your ID Verification section under “Edit my Account.”

There are four “sections” you’ll need to complete before we can review your account.

Personal Details

This is the basic foundation for the entire verification process. You just need to add your…

  • Phone number (we’ll send you a text just verify you have access to the phone)
  • Legal name (just type it in)
  • Residential Address (again…you can just type it in)


It’s best to just take a “selfie” on your phone and use that. If you can’t take a picture on your phone, you can upload a photo of you that has been taken within the last 60 days.

Requirements for your Photo:

  • Don’t crop, rotate, touch up, adjust colors, or alter the images in any way – #nofilter
  • Make sure you are the only one in the frame
  • Your eyes should be clearly visible and looking into the camera
  • Say, “cheese” (just kidding)

Government ID

You will need to take a picture of your government-issued ID to help verify who you are. We need one picture of the front of the ID and one of the back.

Requirements for your ID image:

  • Show all four corners of your ID
  • In color
  • Do not edit the image in any way

Proof of Address

Take a picture of or upload a document that confirms the address on your account.

Examples of documents you could use:

  • A bill (electric, water, internet, cellphone)
  • National ID Card
  • Insurance Card

Tips for Taking Pictures

  • Place the ID down on a flat surface and take the photo from above
  • Don’t cover up any part of the ID
  • Don’t use a flash
  • Leave a little room on all sides of the image
Part 2: Review and Verify

This is the easy part. After your documents are accepted our ID Verification team will review the information and respond to you within 2 business days.

If we need any more information or clarification from you, we will reach out to you directly.

Once your account is verified we will email you and any limits on your account will be immediately removed.

If you have any questions or need help our Support Team is available. Contact Us.