Sending Agreement

The agreement you send tells our system how to bill your employer. It also sets the scope and establishes timelines. It’s the key to beginning a job successfully.

Submitting an agreement:

  1. Navigate to a job you’ve been hired for.
  2. Click the “Agreement” tab on the left sidebar.
  3. Review the options for the agreement.
  4. Click the blue “Preview” button.
  5. Review the agreement one last time and click “Send to Employer”

Agreement Types

“Fixed-Priced Agreement (completed milestones)” You set up milestones. Each Milestone has a value and a due date. You invoice for a milestone once it’s finished.

“Hourly Agreement (weekly time tracked)” You set the maximum hours per week, hourly rate and a billing end date. The system will generate an invoice based on the time you have tracked the prior week. You will have until the end of the day Monday to make any changes and send it to your employer for approval. If you take no action the invoice will be sent automatically Tuesday morning. Once this agreement has been accepted your employer can change the “billing end date” at any point.

“Recurring Payments (cyclical billing)” You sets a price, billing cycle, and an end date. You have the option to choose weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly billing. Invoices for weekly and biweekly will be generated on Monday. Monthly and Quarterly agreements will be billed on the 1st of each month.

“Tasks” You or your employer can create tasks as needed for work. When a payment is due, you or your employer can create an invoice based on the task. If you create the invoice, it will need your employer’s approval in order to be paid. If your employer creates the invoice it will be enrolled in autopay for the following Sunday.

Choosing Auto-Payment Terms:

“Fund Next Milestones & Enable Autopay” will automatically fund the next milestone or the next week of work as defined by the agreement. Once the agreement is accepted, SafePay will be scheduled to automatically fund the required amount the next day.

If the job is ongoing or has more than one milestone, we will automatically add the amount needed for the next payment when the current invoice is sent. Miscellaneous invoices will not prompt auto funding or autopay because they are not part of the original agreement.

Invoices generated on or after their due date will be paid automatically in 7,14, or 28 days depending on the “Payment Schedule” of your agreement. If an invoice is raised before the milestone due date, the auto payment will be delayed until the due date has been reached. Your employer will be able to “dispute” the payment if work is not completed in order to stop the release of the payment. If no action is taken by the given auto payment date, then the funds would be released.

“Autopay Only” secures the funds needed for the invoice at the time the invoice is raised. The money will be held in SafePay until the auto payment date has been reached.

Note: Until you can see the funds in your SafePay account they have not been secured. Having an agreement that has auto funding enabled does not guarantee payment or that we will be able to successfully secure funding.

“Manual Payments” turns off all automatic functions related to invoicing and funding. You can still use the invoicing and SafePay features of our site, but your employer will have to manually add funds and pay invoices as needed.

Establishing Status Updates:

Based on your selection, the system will remind you to update your employer if you haven’t done so within the status update timeline you’ve chosen. You can choose to provide status updates daily, every other day, weekly, every other week, or monthly.

  1. Find the “I will provide Status Updates” section of the agreement.
  2. Choose an option from the dropdown.

Establishing the “Scope of Work”:

The scope of work can be added here. This should explain in as much detail as you’d like the requirements of this job. You can click the “Attach Files” button to attach images and documents.

Editing an agreement:

  1. Navigate to the job in question.
  2. Click the “Agreement” tab on the left sidebar.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Click the gray “Edit” button.
  5. Make changes to the agreement.
  6. Click the blue “Preview” button.
  7. Review the agreement one last time and click “Send to Employer”.