Managing Feedback

Employers and freelancers can rate each other within 60 days of payment.

You’ll be given two choices:

  1. “I am satisfied.” You’ll have the option to leave a comment about your experience.
  2. “I am not satisfied.” If you want to tell our support staff why you were not satisfied with the transaction, we can look into the matter to see what options are available if any. We may contact you or anyone else involved in the project if necessary.

Leaving feedback:

If you don’t see the invoice that you want to leave feedback for on your dashboard, follow these instructions to see all invoices eligible for feedback.

  1. On the top navigation bar, click “Pay” and you’ll be taken to the “Invoices” tab.
  2. Under “status” choose “no feedback left.”
  3. Click “leave feedback” next to the payment you want to rate.

NOTE: You have 60 days from the date the invoice is paid to leave feedback. If no feedback is left after 60 days, the transaction will be automatically given a satisfactory rating. Feedback cannot be edited once it has been left.

Managing feedback:

You can manage your feedback by clicking the rating directly from your dashboard. You’ll see a list of all the feedback you’ve received and the option to “publish” or “hide.”

“Publish” will make this feedback public for other users to view.

“Hide” will remove this feedback from your profile.

NOTE: Feedback will automatically be published 7 days after it is received.

Calculating Your Feedback:

Your feedback percentage is calculated by taking the earnings total associated with invoices that were rated satisfactory and dividing that by the total earnings for all invoices.

Example: If I earned a total of $500 in the past 12 months and $400 of that was rated satisfactory, the equation would look like this:

Policies concerning updating or deleting feedback:

You cannot update feedback left or received and we will not censor feedback or investigate it for accuracy. will remove feedback records for the following situations:

  1. If a valid court order finds that the feedback record is libelous, defamatory, or otherwise illegal.
  2. If you submit a dispute and during negotiation both parties agree to remove the feedback left for each other. will update feedback comments for the following situations:

  • Personal contact information appears in the feedback comments and a party wants the information to be removed.
  • A typo appears in the feedback comments and a party wants to correct it.
  • Profane or obscene language appears in the feedback comments. (Negative language that may not be considered profane is still discouraged and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.)