Sending Invoices

If you’ve never worked with an employer before, we strongly recommend using SafePay. If you decide not to use Safepay, negotiation and arbitration aren’t available in the event of a dispute or unpaid invoice because there aren’t any funds in our control. Negotiation and arbitration services are only an option when there are funds in SafePay.

Sending an invoice:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Find the job in question on your dashboard.
  3. Click the dropdown arrow in the right corner of that job.
  4. Select “Create Invoice.”

NOTE: if you have an agreement in place that is hourly, an invoice will be generated automatically by the system.

Types of invoices:

You can send milestone invoices, hourly invoices or miscellaneous invoices to your employer.

If you have a fixed-price agreement in place, you’ll send a milestone invoice for each corresponding milestone defined in your agreement. Each milestone contains a due date, but you can send your invoice earlier if you complete the milestone early. Sending an invoice early won’t enroll it into auto-payment until the day of that milestone’s due date. Before you send the invoice, you can review the invoice details including the milestone and tasks and attach any files associated with that milestone.

If you have an hourly agreement in place, our system will create an hourly invoiceevery Monday for the hours you’ve tracked during the prior week. You’ll have 24 hours to review the invoice details including hours tracked for you and your team members, your rates and total dollar amount for time tracked. After 24 hours, your invoice will be sent to your employer.

If you don’t have an agreement in place or the work you performed was outside of the scope of your agreement, you can send a miscellaneous invoice. Before you send the invoice, you can review the invoice details including the work that was completed and attach any applicable files related to the work.

To send an invoice for job that hasn’t been posted yet:

  1. Click the “Payments” tab at the top of your dashboard.
  2. Click “Create Invoice” at the top right.
  3. Click “Enter Billing Code” at the bottom.
  4. Enter your employer’s billing code and click “Go”
  5. Enter a new job title and follow the rest of the steps to create an invoice.

Viewing and editing invoices:

To view or check the status of an invoice, click “Payments” in your navigation bar. You’ll see a list of all invoices for your jobs.

To view invoice details, click on the Invoice ID. If your invoice hasn’t been paid yet, you can edit, delete or print it. If it has been paid, you can archive or print the invoice, issue a refund and leave feedback for your employer (within 60 days of payment).

Each invoice will show one of the following payment statuses:

Status Definition
Sent mm-dd-yyyy This is the date you sent the invoice.
Not Paid Your employer hasn’t paid the invoice.
Delete Requested Your employer asked you to delete the invoice.
Paid We’ve received your employer’s payment and credited the funds to your cash account.
Auto-Pay Scheduled The invoice is scheduled to be auto-paid with SafePay funds.
Disputed You and your employer are currently involved in negotiation.
In Arbitration Ruling You and your employer are currently are currently involved in arbitration and are waiting for a ruling from the arbitrators.