Paying Invoices

Invoices are how money is transferred to your gurus. There are three types of invoices you can receive.

Milestone invoices are generated from the agreement of a fixed-price job and sent at your guru’s request.

Hourly invoices are automatically sent the Tuesday after each billable week containing the hours tracked.

Miscellaneous invoices be used if you’re operating outside of an agreement or if any additional payment is needed. Your guru can send these at any time.

This is how it works:

  • You hire a guru for a job, and they accept.
  • Your guru starts and finishes the work.
  • You review the work.
  • Your guru sends you an invoice.
  • You pay the invoice.
  • You and your guru leave feedback for each other.

Paying an Invoice

You can pay your guru’s invoice using SafePay funds, cash account balance, credit card, PayPal or e-check.

You can also send us a check or wired funds, but there’s a different process for that.

To pay an invoice:

  • Log into your account to view your dashboard (it’s pictured in the image above).
  • Look for the “Invoices” tile on the right side.
  • Review the invoices listed–this tile lists any invoice that requires any action.
  • Click “Pay Now” next to the appropriate invoice.
  • Take a moment to review the invoice fully on the next page.
  • Click the blue, “Pay Invoice” button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Managing Invoices

To view or check the status of an invoice, click “Pay” in your navigation bar. You’ll see a list of all invoices for your jobs. You can filter invoices by searching for a job ID or invoice ID.

To view invoice details, simply click on the invoice ID. If you haven’t paid the invoice yet, you’ll be able to pay, dispute or reject the invoice (if it’s not tied to the agreement). If you’ve already paid it, you can archive or print the invoice.

Disputing an Invoice

If you’ve received a milestone or hourly invoice and there are funds secured in SafePay, you can dispute the invoice. You can’t dispute miscellaneous invoices.

To dispute an invoice:

  • Click on “Pay” in your navigation bar.
  • Click on the appropriate invoice ID.
  • Click “Dispute”.
  • Enter your reasons for disputing the invoice and the amount you’d like refunded if the job isn’t complete.

Paid Invoice Refunds

To get a refund from a paid invoice, you’ll have to contact your guru directly. When paying an invoice, you agree that the work has been completed to your satisfaction and the funds will be immediately transferred to your guru. Once you either make an invoice payment directly, or pay an invoice with SafePay funds, we no longer have the funds and cannot recover them for you. If the funds are still in your guru’s cash account, they can easily issue you a refund of your paid invoice, but the refund would need to be voluntary.

We do not recommend making up-front payments to gurus. If they do require an up-front payment, request that you use SafePay instead of paying their invoice alone. If they don’t comply, you can always hire someone else.

Adding and Editing PO Numbers

There are two ways you can add a PO number to a payment.

Via the Workroom

If you add a PO via the workroom, all invoices sent for from that guru for that job will share the same PO number. You can change it at any time but the change will only effect future invoices. Any previous invoices would need to be changed on an individual basis if needed.

  • Find your job on the dashboard under the “Work Rooms” tile.
  • Click on the job title to navigate to that job’s workroom.
  • Click “+ Purchase Order Number” under the Guru you’d like to add the PO for.
  • Add the PO number in the dialogue box that appears and attach files if needed.
  • Click “Save” when finished.

Via an Invoice

  • Log in and view your dashboard.
  • Click the “Pay” button to view all of your invoices.
  • Select an invoice in which you want to add or change the PO.
  • Review the invoice and click “+Purchase Order Number”.
  • Add the PO number in the dialogue box that appears and attach a file if needed.
  • Click “Save” when finished.