Understanding autopay

You can take advantage of auto-pay as long as you have an agreement in place and the current milestone is fully funded using SafePay. When your guru bills from the agreement, our system will check to see if the milestone is due. If the milestone is due (or past due) it will be automatically paid at the end of the grace period (7, 14, or 28 days) defined in your agreement. Within that grace period, you’ll have plenty of time to review the work your guru sent you, delay auto-pay if the need arises or dispute the invoice completely.

To extend auto-payment of a milestone invoice, click the Auto-Pay date on the invoice.

If your guru tracks time and sends an hourly invoice, it will be auto-paid on Tuesday of the following week. If there’s a bigger problem than a small deadline adjustment, you can stop the invoice from being auto-paid by disputing it. Be sure to tell your guru exactly what they need to change (on the invoice or with their work) to get paid.

NOTE: Miscellaneous invoices aren’t eligible for auto-pay because they aren’t associated with an agreement.

  1. Click your job title in the “Work Rooms” section of your dashboard.
  2. Click the SafePay icon underneath your guru’s screen name.
  3. Click “Add Funds”.
  4. Select an amount (min. $25.00) and then click “Add Funds”. The system will usually know how much you should add, especially if there is an agreement in place.
  5. Choose a payment method and follow the instructions to complete the process.